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Safe master’s VIRTUAL Classroom Program

Behavioral Based Safety

Understand the influence of safety behaviors on prevention of accidents at workplace.

Safety in Petroleum Industry

This Webinar is focused to give an overview of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management practices that an Oil & Gas industry follows to minimize the Operational risks, save the lives, Protect Environment and Assets.

Safety in Construction site

This webinar will be focussed on all safety while working in the construction site. This webinar gives you all key concept and security measures to follow.

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Best Safety Programme

Trainee recommending us

“Very useful course – I received lots of information and new dimension to manage human behaviors at workplace to achieve Health and Safety excellence.

I suggest budding safety professionals must attend this program.
R Narasimha Prasad
The webinar was Excellent and interesting. I experienced visualizing Refinery and Oil &Gas Operational scenarios.
I strongly recommend these Webinars for Chemical Engineering students and Engineers who newly started their career and all level of Safety personnel”
SRV Subrahmanyam
"The training provided was fantasitic, love the manner in which they disclose the security causes to us."
"safety significant preparing from safe master was my first preparing, love the experience and the way they train"